When I see my daughter loving’ her 90s jeans that she thrifted in her latest haul, I remind her what it was really like being a young woman then. The post-sexual revolution 90s were supposed to be freeing for women too. But to me it seemed more about giving heterosexual men as much access with as little accountability as possible. And it wasn’t just powerful Hollywood type men. It was men with any little bit of relative power. The assistant fast food manager would be enough. A coach. A popular kid at school.

To be clear, I’m not against men, AT ALL. Most guys I know aren’t jerks. I have a husband, brothers and sons. But the problem then was too many would-if-he-could type guys DID and then were never held accountable. Meanwhile women were blamed and branded with a scarlet letter S. And in many cases, that branding was life altering.

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What the hell!!

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