Still thinking about that shoe-tray

Did you swoon as hard as I did over Catherine Newman’s house tour? I know the clothes chair was universally appreciated (for very good reason!), but I keep thinking about the shoe-tray.

As I wrote last week,

The shoe tray does not hold a neatly lined up pair of Hunter boots, a pair of white Converse sneakers, or a pair of apparently-never-worn suede mules (is it just me or are Hunter boots seemingly a prerequisite for standard house tour photos??)

The shoes on Catherine’s shoe-tray are not perfectly lined up. In fact, the shoe-tray itself appears to be a bit too small to contain the household’s shoes.

What I’m trying to say is that the shoe-tray in Catherine’s home looks like every other shoe-tray I have ever seen in real life. And this felt revelatory.

I think my love of the shoe-tray also elucidates how much tidy mudrooms featured in house tours apparently bug me? No matter how much thoughtful design has gone into a mudroom, mudrooms or entryways used by CHILDREN will never be tidy. Shoes will always be strewn - wherever. And I think neat placement of shoes is also at the very bottom of my list of domestic priorities. Like, My husband and I have to feed three kids three times a day while also attempting to train them to flush the toilet on a regular basis, brush their teeth, not physically assault each other with fort-building-kit sticks, occasionally put dishes in the sink, and pick up the bare minimum of their crap. I can not be bothered with a shoe-tray’s neatness. You know?

My shoe-tray keeping it real.

What about you? Which features of traditional house tours bug you the most? How come?

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