I feel this already, and we have only started WEEK 3 of PRE-K with our first kid! I have already made three attempts at getting into the app for Art class (wtf), which, btw, the art teacher shared on class dojo with a QR code (how am i supposed to scan this on my phone, from my phone??). Why she simply could not be bothered to use class dojo, since she is ALREADY ON THERE is lost on me. And I guess I will never know, since I cannot access the very special app she is using.

I needed this rant space. Thanks!

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Sep 6, 2022Liked by Sara Petersen

This all sounds like a major edition of WTF to me!!! There HAS to be a better way, doesn't there? Am I just old?!

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Oh, the apps! I am the one who has to do the apps at my office because my husband can't make them work. I have 7 kids sports apps and 12 school/education apps on my phone right now! And the schools send out information via social media, so it would be difficult to give up Instagram.

TBH, I have opted out of school apps for my middle schooler and high schooler. In the event I want to check on their assignments or grades, I log in on a computer. I endeavor to log in no more than once a week and only *with* my middle schooler who needs more organizational support. Having it available on my phone was bad for my mental health.

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