Because not all of us live lives lit up by buckets of light courtesy of an apparently callous window.
Mother's Day
How "slow down" momfluencer content reframes domestic labor as self-care
Why am I spending so many hours of my one wild and precious life writing about Daniel Neeleman's disdain for windows?
Because parenting is hard, no matter how glowy your skin is
Because Hannah's musings about cooking as a metaphor for good wifehood were the first thing I saw on Insta at 6:13AM Wednesday morning.
It couldn't NOT be the Goop diaper
A safe place for feelings of rage, bafflement, wonder, and disbelief.
A big week for Little House on the Prairie cosplay and the destruction of reproductive rights
Because names are never just names
192 "pro-life" Republicans and one very silly accessory.
It's satire (and I'm so glad). BUT STILL.